For theme writers

So you want to write a classless theme?
You’ve got the urge to write a classless theme?
You’ve got the nerve to write a classless theme?
So go ahead and write a classless theme that we can use.

Glenn Gould

You can write a theme just by writing CSS. Basically you can write anything that makes a decent-looking page when applied to a valid Classless HTML page. Most of the themes in can serve as inspiration, but since many of them are ports from themes written for other HTML structures, they may contain unnecessary complication.

A simple yet nice pure-classless theme is, for example, As you can see, a few lines of CSS (Stylus, in this case, for better reading) are sufficient for making a theme.

Theme development

We provide integration with livereload without you having to build a full Classless development environment on your machine. To start developing do as follows:

  1. Set up a local server to host your CSS file (let’s say, http://localhost/theme.css).
  2. Run livereload on that directory. You’ll have a URL for the server that livereload starts.
  3. Open any URL on this site, for example.
  4. Set the URL on the widget to http://localhost/theme.css.
  5. Click on “set livereload” and paste your livereload server URL there.

Now if you edit your CSS theme locally the changes will be automatically reflected on the website you’re seeing.


If you want to contribute your theme (please do!), fork the repository and add your theme under /themes/. The directory must contain a ./src/ folder and, if possible, a ./screenshots/ folder. Besides that, a ./LICENSE of your choice that allows people to use the theme freely, a ./ with a short description of the theme (that will be used to generate the, and a super-simple ./Makefile that will take files from ./src/ and generate a ./theme.css and, if needed, a ./theme.js file.

If you don’t understand all these requirements, but still have a theme, we will gladly accept it and do the boring stuff for you.